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s1 ep1 "For you, Riley, this is a ticket to the world."
s1 ep3 "I'm going to stay here with my friends"
s1 ep15 "You're the one that walks the plank."
s1 ep18 "You know those moments you were talking about that you'd remember forever?"
s2 yearbook "Wow there's a lot of light in this world."
s1 friendship "To me you're a princess."
s2 rahrah "Do you want to stay in the dark, Riley?
s1 ep13 "Insecure. It's always mattered more to me what my friends think than I do."
s1 ep17 "Every time you look at me does it remind you of what you don't have?"
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s1 ep2 "And you don't need a phone to talk to your real friends."
s1 ep7 "Yeah? Well, between Riley and me we've made 1260 As"
s1 ep17 "In the long game everyone works together to conquer the game."
s2 washington "Because we're kids. We believe we can change the world."
s2 farkle "Yeah, Farkle, you love them both equally so shouldn't you marry them both?"
s1 ep1 "Hi, I'm Riley. You just broke up with my friend Maya."
s1 ep1 "You don't get to decide that, know why? Because if this is my world now the first person I want in it is you."
s1 ep7 "I don't expect the same things out of life you do, Riley. You expect good things."
s1 ep7 "They'd walk through an avalanche for friendship for the sake of family. I got that from them."
s1 ep8? "Stop being a Harajuku girl, because you're not one. You're Riley. R-I-L-E-Y.
s1 crazy hat "Don' keep the dollar. It won't fix you! Pass it on, that's what changes you."
s1 ep13 "These guys? They're my friends all the time, not just on the field."
s1 ep17 "What's the scam little girl?"
s1 ep19 "I may not look like much, and I may not say 'yo', but I'm insane when it comes to these two.
s2 pluto "Pluto is believing something is out there no matter what anyone says. Especially you. Because there is."
s1 ep1 "You know what I want? I've already faced the world, now I want you to."
s1 ep2 "You like a good story, Riley? Then start at the beginning."
s1 ep17 "Well, Maya and I can read each other's minds
s2 ep? "When you say ring power you have to it's a rule."
s2 telltale tot "I give it ten seconds before she jumps on his head."
s1 ep2 "No, too scary over there. A lot can go wrong over there. I'm going to stay over here where the only thing that can go wrong is going over there."
s1 ep2 "Because it's your father's job to test you and along the way maybe you're learn something about yourself."
s1 ep13 "This is where Riley and I figure everything out."
s1 ep17 "So who's got the key to your heart?"
s2 creativity "Because you hide the purple from me and I find it."
headcanon "She just left, she made him leave."
s1 ep1 "How is it you don't know me at all?"
s1 ep3 "The game is protect the plant from the bulldozer in the pink sweater."
s1 ep7 "Here's what's funny: You're not disappointing her at all. You're only disappointing me."
s1 ep13 "He told me I was the biggest nothing in this school."
s1 ep15 "You know what, Maya? You can have Riley, she's your sister now."
s2 semi-formal "Keep your friends around for as long as you can."
s2 ep3 "You were the first boy I ever liked. That's a big deal for me."
s2 ep3 "In the end, you'll be the one on the floor and I'll be the one walking away."
s2 rileytown "You're the worst bully ever peaches
s1 ep1 "You were so busy trying to be her, Riley, that you forgot the best thing you could do is be you."
s1 ep3 "I think this is a declaration from Missy Bradford to grow up too fast."
s1 ep15 "No what is the point of this horrible lesson?"
s2 ep? "Well! We've never done this before!"
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s1 ep7 "Who made you the king of friendship?"
s1 ep15 "Broken curfew? Chump change. Whole thing blows over in a weak."
s1 ep15 "You cooked the entire mcscramble face family?"
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